Establishment date: 1st December 2005.

To build an elite team of musicians to cater for the church's needs and a group of effective entertainers.

Regular meetings:
Every Saturday from 9.00am - 1.00pm in SFA, St. Clare's room (For vocal and music theory training)

Sunday's band practices are no longer a fixed session. It is only held whenever necessary.

The network currently has 25 active members aged between 13 to 30. We have pulled off two major events on the 30th of August 2006, Merdeka Celebration and 23rd December 2006, Youth Christmas Party. The monthly activities that we have, is conducting praise and worship sessions in church before Sunday mass. Our aim is to help youths to discover God's presence in sacred music and this has been our highest priority.

The musician network consists of several departments, created to educate and cultivate a musical lifestyle among the youths. The departments are bass guitar, drums, guitar, vocals, rap and dance. Currently all training and education on playing the instruments are held on Sundays. However, singing and vocal practices are done on Saturdays. All "networkers" are encouraged to attend the Saturday practice sessions because vocal training is the most essential part in praise and worship.

We hope that this coming year, more experienced musicians will participate and help in the expansion of the network. Meaning that more youths will be guided by God and their musical potential will be discovered. At the end of the day, it is like working towards serving the community to achieve a better and more harmonious lifestyle.

For further enquiries, please contact Ian John at 012-3278214 or e-mail him at

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