Parish Priest: Rev. Valentine Gompok

Commitment Process. Youth ministry needs to work on three fronts at the same time: recruitment, initiation and commitment. The committed youth are those who have a clear vision, who are prepared to embrace a cause, who have "sticking-power" when it comes to concrete projects, and who do not give up when obstacles appear. They are the leaders who decide the tone and quality of youth ministry.

Some youth take on internal commitment within the church, while others give priority to social commitment outside. The committed youth - especially those involved with social questions - need special guidance to deal with new and more advanced issues that spring from their involvement. There is now need for a theological, social, and psychological framework to support youth leaders who are becoming involved in public life issues. The lack of this specialized follow-up can mean a rupture in the process of evangelization and the impression that the gospel can be meaningful only for naive beginners. This difficulty has not yet been satisfactorily resolved within youth ministry.

Asst. Parish Priest: Rev. Andrew Manikam

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