"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit  has come upon you and you will be my witnesses (Acts 1:8)"
World Youth Day 2008
Sydney, Australia
15th - 20th July 2008
Join us on a spiritual pilgrimage to celebrate AND learn about the Catholic faith AND make friends from all over the world.
Message to all youths...
~ His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI ~

From this moment onwards, my dear young friends, in a climate of constant listening to the word of God, call on the Holy Spirit, Spirit of fortitude and witness, that you may be able to proclaim the Gospel without fear even to the ends of the earth. Our Lady was present in the cenacle with the Apostles as they waited for Pentecost. May she be your mother and guide. May she teach you to receive the word of God, to treasure it and to ponder on it in your heart (cf Lk 2:19) as she did throughout her life. May she encourage you to declare your "yes" to the Lord as you live "the obedience of faith". May she help you to remain strong in the faith, constant in hope, persevering in charity, always attentive to the word of God. I am together with you in prayer, and I bless each one of you with all my heart.
What is World Youth Day?

As early as 1983 while the entire Catholic Church was celebrating the gift of Christ's redemption, the seed of a wonderful idea was born in the mind of John Paul ll. "Youth in the Church!"

Hence in 1984, a large crowd of young people joined the Palm Sunday celebration at Rome; more and more, John Paul ll understood the importance of young people in the Church.

When 1985 was declared by the United Nations as the International Year of the Youth, John Paul ll took up the initiative and began what we now consider the journey of the World Youth Days.

1985 - Rome, Italy
1987 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
1989 - Compostela, Spain
1991 - Czestochowa, Poland
1993 - Denver, USA
1995 - Manila, Philippines
1997 - Paris, France
2000 - Rome, Italy
2002 - Toronto, Canada
2005 - Cologne, Germany

World Youth Day is held every year; one year in a country chosen by the Pope, and the next year in Rome during the Palm Sunday celebration.

World Youth Day brings together young people from all over the world in order that:
  1. the Church and the whole world focus their attention on the young;
  2. the young grow in their faith in Christ;
  3. the young understand the many cultures and work together for justice and peace;
  4. the young become evangelizers of their fellow youth and of today's society;
  5. the young address their special message to the Church and the world.
World Youth Day is more than a one-day celebration, and often lasts more than the 24 hours between sunrise and sunset. Highlights of the celebrations are:

- International Youth forum: A gathering of selected young leaders from all
  countries worldwide.
- Days of Cathechetics and Thematic Events: various gathering of young in
  different age and language groups.
- Encounters with the Pope.
The World Youth Day 2008 is open to...

- All youths residing in Malaysia.
- Must be between 18 - 35 years of age.
- Youths below the age of 18 years must obtain a written approval from
  their parents.
- All registration forms must be signed byy the Parish Priest. Please enclose
  2 photocopies of your passport.
- All International passport must be validd until January 2009.
- Travel insurance will be arranged by ASAAYO (borne by participant).
- In the event of cancellation of trip, a certain percentage will be deducted
  from the amount paid for administration costs incurred.
- Any Excess monies will be refunded to paarticipants one the figures are
- All participants must attend three spiriitual formations and one post WYD
  session organized by ASAYO. Date of the formations will be informed.
- Participants must adhere to all quidelinnes and condition set by the WYD
  Organising Team.

Payment must be made by cheque, bank draft or cash payable to ASAYO. Commission must be included on all outstation cheques or bank draft.

Cost of World Youth Day - RM4,500.00 (inclusive of airfares, accommodation and food).

Payment schedule as follows:
RM500.00 - 1st payment by OR before 31/12/07 (non-refundable)
RM2,000.00 - 2nd payment by OR before 29/02/08
RM2,000.00 - 3rd payment by OR before 30/04/08
Programme (Tentative)

10 to 14 July (Thursday - Monday)
- Days of the Diocese

14 July (Monday)
- Registration

15 July (Tuesday)
- Opening Mass
- Night Youth Concert

16 July (Wednesday)
- Morning Catechesis
- Night Youth Festival

17 July (Thursday)
- Morning Catechesis
- Holy Father's Arrival

18 July (Friday)
- Morning Catechesis
- Stations of  the Cross

19 July (Saturday)
- Pilgrimage Walk
- Night Vigil

20 July (Sunday)
- Morning Mass

21 July (Monday)
- Return to Malaysia
Prayer for World Youth Day 2008

God Our Father,
we consecrate to you the World Youth Day in Sydney in 2008.
Guide and protect Pope Benedict and all the leaders of the Church.
Inspire and direct all those leading and planning the World Youth Day. Unite and protect them by your fatherly care.

Lord Jesus Christ,
before you ascended to the Father,
you promised to send your Holy Spirit so that we might be your witnesses to the end of the earth.
Bless and multiply the efforts of all our staff and volunteers.
Help us to take up our cross and follow you
under the heavenly sign of the Southern Cross.

Holy Spirit,
pour out your grace on this Great South Land
of the Holy Spirit and grant to us a New Pentecost.
Make of this land a true place of welcome
for the young people of the world.
Grant to those young people who come conversion of life,
a deeper faith, and love for all.
Enable them to build a new civilization of life, love and truth.
Make them true witnesses to your power and grace.

Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Help of Christians - pray for us.

Blessed Mary MacKillop - pray for us.
The World Youth Day 2008 song, Receive the Power
- For more details, click here.
For more information please call...
Benny - 012-604 8390
Royston - 012-868 3348
Adrian Ng - 016-222 1089 (ASAYO)
Alvin Santhanam - 012-280 2810 (ASAYO)

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